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Evolution Trustees provides a wide range of Responsible Entity and Trustee service to meet our clients’ diverse needs.


AREITs and Global property funds

Real Return, Absolute Return, Multi-Asset Funds

ASX-listed schemes

Responsible Entity

Evolution Trustees is licensed to act as an ASIC-a responsible entity of wholesale and retail registered investment schemes. We work with investment managers intending to raise capital by providing the necessary regulatory infrastructure, inclusive of ongoing supervision of third party service provides.

Our Team has significant experience in dealing with complex transactions and adopts can do a attitude to all matters complex.

As responsible entity we are responsible for ensuring that each registered scheme is operated in accordance with the Corporations Act, the scheme’s constitution, the scheme’s compliance, ASIC policy and other relevant laws and regulations. We adopt a risk-based approach to operating schemes, while still ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

Property, Infrastructure and Agriculture MITs

For offshore investment managers, multi-party structures, and locally owned structures.

Managed Investment Schemes

For funds aimed at wholesale clients only,

Bespoke wholesale trustee services

In case of disputes, insolvency or multi-party ownership structures.

Wholesale Trustee

Evolution Trustees is licensed to act as a trustee to wholesale unregistered managed investment schemes (including acting as an MIT Trustee).

As a wholesale trustee we work with investment managers and unitholders to ensure that each trust is operated in accordance with each trust’s:

  • Trust Deed
  • Disclosure Document
  • Trust Law
  • Tax Laws

We are able to adapt and tailor our services to your needs. As a licensed trustee we will work with you to facilitate MIT and AMIT compliant structures.

Governance and Operations

We assist with your internal frameworks.

Insourced RE/Trustee

We help existing AFSL holders establish and maintain their own AFSL through developing tailored and efficient internal governance and operating frameworks.

Funds Management Advice

We assist you finding the right solution and setup.


Our experts can provide a range of advice associated with the Australian funds management market. This includes specific roles such as Compliance Committee membership, Responsible Managers and other tailored business solutions.

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