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Carbon Credits AFSL Authorisation

April 04, 2023

Evolution Trustees’ Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) allows it to provide financial services to wholesale clients in respect of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) and Eligible International Emission Units. Carbon markets participants who provide financial advice, trade, or make and operate and market in ACCUs, or derivatives of these units, require an AFSL.

An ACCU is a unit issued to a person by Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator (CER) representing one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent stored or avoided by the particular activity registered with the CER. ACCUs have a market price and may either be surrendered for value or traded. Landowners and land managers may take advantage of different methods to generate ACCUs including soil carbon sequestration, plantation forestry, livestock dietary adjustments and fire management.

Alongside the Federal Government’s proposal to achieve net zero emission target by 2050 a recent review (Chubb Review) found the Australian carbon crediting framework was essentially sound. We believe ACCUs may play an important role in assisting a range of industries meet their emission targets as Australia heads to net zero and climate action is at the forefront of public awareness.

Evolution supports several landowning structures that have the potential for, or are pursuing, ACCU generation. We also work with asset managers closely involved in sustainability, carbon markets and ancillary private investments in related industries.

We would be very happy to discuss our services further if you or your clients are considering investing in this market.

About Evolution Trustees

Evolution Trustees is a leading independent provide of Australian professional fiduciary services to fund managers, institutional asset investors and debt providers. Established in 2016, Evolution Trustees now has over $A10bn of funds under supervision and provides services to over 160 entities. Evolution holds an AFSL that authorises it to provide general advice and deal in Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) and eligible international emissions units. Evolution Trustees is a recognised leader in supporting both local and inbound institutional investors establish structures to invest in Australian assets.

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